Career Transition

Career transition helps you identify the ideal career and secure employment in the new line of work. People face many challenges with work from dis-satisfaction to career-fit issues. Often times, people stick to the same career because they fear change. If you are asking yourself the following questions, it may be time for a career transition.

  • Trying to figure out what to do with your life or make a career change?
  • Working your way up the career ladder and are miserable? • Want to find a new career but now sure where to begin?
  • Are you trying to make a leap to another senior opportunity with great resistance?

Whether you just lost your job due to "downsizing," are interested in making a career change, are having difficulty on the job, or want to sharpen your skills, The Ginac Group's seasoned career coaches will provide you with the guidance, resources, and support you need to put you on the track to success.

The Ginac Group certified career coaches have helped hundreds of clients - including entry level, mid level, and seasoned professionals - successfully address a wide range of career issues. We can guide you through the complexities of finding the right career, landing a new job, developing your professional skills, and building your "career resilience." Our objective in working with each client is to provide you with the highest quality service, tailored to meet your needs and deliver desired results.

The Ginac Group Career Transition services include:

Career Analysis

  • Assess your current competencies and skills to develop a holistic profile that is the foundation for change

Career Research

  • Evaluate all career choices and narrow those choices to one career path

Personal Marketing Plan

  • Create a plan to market your strengths and accomplishments to your current and/or prospective employers

Brand/Social Media Development

  • Develop a stellar resume that markets your talents, experiences and capabilities to potential employers
  • Create other job search tools such as cover letters, portfolios, online profiles, and more
  • Optimize your social media profiles to support your transition

Interview Preparation

  • Be prepared for difficult questions, learn how to handle awkward situations, improve your confidence level – and conduct an interview that lands you the job
  • Practice interview techniques using video capture so that skills can be objectively evaluated

Negotiation Training

  • Learn how to effectively negotiate compensation to secure your future

Priced from $3,795