The Ginac Group Way

MATCH is a comprehensive methodology that enables people to achieve strategic breakthroughs with their careers. It facilitates strategic thinking and integrates an integration plan targeted to achieve key career goals. It is based on four key pillars to ensure completeness, quality, professionalism, and value in all our interactions with you:

  • Comprehensive
  • Our ApproachProven
  • Insightful
  • Flexible

The Framework lays out from beginning-to-end the steps you will take to achieve your career vision - - from exploring and identifying your career goals to investigating new opportunities to securing a new role or managing change in your career to accomplishing your dreams. For both you and your counselor, it outlines the activities you will perform and the tools you will use as you progress together through the career development process so you know where you're headed and what to expect.

Our methodology and tools blend robust career and adult development theories with business-based best practices and practical experience to support you in achieving your desired results. We have developed the Framework methodology from the ground up and tested it over 4 years with over 400 clients. It represents the "best of the best" we have found to date

Our approach is designed to help you understand your career needs, goals, and issues at a deeper level to gain greater insight on what's "really going on." Our approach is intended to help you achieve greater self-awareness and gain the most out of your experience, rather than providing a "band-aid" fix.

Rather than being a "one-size-fits-all" approach, we've designed the Framework to be flexible and easily adapted to meet your individual needs and goals. Our overarching objective is to help you achieve your personal career vision, and we can support you in taking any number of paths to get there.