Non-Profit to Lobbyist Transition

Can Mia transition from a non-profit executive to lobbyist?

Mia had worked in the non-profit world as an education director and advocate for people with special needs. She came to a career coach trying to decide if she should go back to school to get a law degree.  She enrolled three years prior and dropped out. She was very worried about failing again.  

Career Coaching Goals

  • Face her fears and anxieties and helped her sort out various alternatives
  • Explored the career paths that she could take with the degree and without it 
  • Rebrand himself to land a job in a new industry

Solution Delivered

Approach and Outcomes

  • Assessed skills, knowledge and abilities and discovered he enjoyed using project management skills
  • Researched various graduate schools and lobbyist organizations
  • Coordinated several informational interviews with lobbyists 
  • Attended several networking events to build a new network
  • Negotiated a compensation package
  • Developed a 30-60-90 day plan

With The Ginac Group, Mia applied to a different law school that was more compatible with her style of learning. Eventually, after much thought, and speaking with several types of  attorneys in the field she was interested in; she decided that her options and earning power would be greatly increased by going back to school. She reports that is very happy she received help in making this decision and is very excited about her new career possibilities working as a lobbyist.