Become a Coach

Dear Aspiring Career Coach:

My name is Linda Ginac and I’m one of the top global Career Coaches, authors and speakers. Since 1994, I've helped thousands of people take charge of their careers, create the work they love, and improve their skills. I am the CEO of The Ginac Group and Talent Guard, Inc.

Career coaching is one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic coaching professions. I’ve helped hundreds of people from varying backgrounds become successful career coaches. I invented the MATCH Career Management Systems, a systematic, step-by-step framework used by corporations, private practice, university career centers and government agencies to ensure successful career outcomes. It provides the process, knowledge and tools to ensure career management does not happen in a haphazard, unstructured way. It is designed to (1) help magnify people's talents, (2) align talents with opportunities, (3) target learning experiences, (4) create personal branding campaigns, and (5) harness one's skills to achieve success.

You're invited to join a hundreds of Professional Career Managers who are certified to deliver this comprehensive, step-by-step career coaching system. This premier career coach training and certification program has been proven with thousands of clients – and we have the track-record and testimonials to prove it. The PCM Certification Course provides access to the most comprehensive curriculum on the market today, hundreds of resources, and effective tools to teach you how to become a reputable career coach. This course has improved the way career services are delivered by many helping professionals including: career coaches, human resource professionals, managers, workforce development professionals, vocational counselors, career center staff, alumni staff, trade school career centers and more.

    • Corporations: Corporations have trained and certified their human resources staff and management to help employees proactively manage their careers and navigate the organization.
    • University Career Centers: Universities and colleges have trained their staff on our powerful system to improve the delivery of career services to students and alumni.
    • Private Practice: Professionals interested in owning their own business use our Career Coach system to guide people through a variety of highly customized career services.
    • Individuals: Individuals and students who want to learn how to manage their own career and navigate the world of work have enrolled in this training.

    The PCM training has achieved outstanding results in the market, including:

    • Teaching our coaches how to achieve a 97% success rate by helping clients transition in less than 60 days.
    • Increasing trade school job placement rates by 75%.
    • Assisting university career centers in preparing students for entry-level jobs and increasing placement rates by 80%.
    • Reducing the time it takes for military personnel to transition to civilian careers by 6 months.
    • 70% of all coaches who take this program start their very own private practice.

    The PCM Certification Course provides access to the most comprehensive curriculum on the market today, hundreds of resources, and effective tools to teach you how to become a reputable career coach. We teach you more than just knowledge. You will learn every step in the process required to facilitate change and achieve results. You'll have access to coaches who have dealt with thousands of career challenges and can help you navigate the path to success. If you are searching for the best program to prepare you to be a "career coach" or to improve success with your clients, students or employees look no further.

    100% of people who have enrolled in our course agree that it is the "best course they've ever taken in the career management field and that no other program compares. Visit our testimonial section to see how what they have to say about the PCM training course. If you need more validation, download a white paper to learn more about the profession of career coaching. We also invite you to sample our FREE Online PCM Introduction Module.