Ginac TestimonialsThe Ginac Group has served thousands of satisfied clients around the world with great success. Our certified coaches have helped people discover ideal career paths, make difficult career transitions, change jobs, enter new industries, land promotions, improve performance, revamp resumes and prepare interviews.  The reason clients refer us to their friends and family (and come back for more services) is because we are honest, caring, motivational and care about your goals.  We work with each and every person as if they were a family member in need, and we are always available when you need us.  The Ginac Group is your support team, advocate and friend during your short-term or lifelong career journey.


Career Transition and Job Search


J. McKenzie, Former Chief Information Officer and Renewed Artist
"The Ginac Group (TGG) helped me realize that I was uninvolved in my own life. My dissatisfaction with work had consumed my life and made those around me miserable. My counselor/coach from TGG became my personal change agent, giving me the courage that I needed to make a personal commitment to change and happiness. I have worked with TGG now for 3 months and I no longer feel a void. I have successfully transitioned into a new career that allows me to live by my values. Without honest feedback and ongoing support, I'd be stuck."

J. Fortin, Vice President of Business Development
"The personal career plan and campaign that we crafted changed my life. I never would have been able to differentiate myself without your program or find the opportunities to apply my unique skill set. With your knowledge in marketing and expertise in career planning, I was able to find companies that fit with my cultural expectations, identify a variety of roles where my talents could be applied, meet some of Austin's most influential people and interview with four excellent companies. Everyone that I interviewed with was highly impressed with my background and I've never been so prepared and confident in an interview. Working with you has made a valuable difference in my life. I look forward to your continued support in my career advancement and personal development."

A. Mukherjee, Senior Strategic Accounts Manager 
"I just wanted to drop you a short letter to thank you for the help and guidance you have given me during my job change. As you know, I was having a miserable time at my last job and came to you for assistance, and your counseling and teaching helped me weather the difficult times as well as mentally prepare myself for the long search ahead. Your methods helped me develop my resume, create a marketing campaign for myself, and tap into my own network to uncover opportunities for me to pursue. You also helped me prepare for the interviews and anticipate the questions which I may be asked so I could get through the screening comfortably and confidently. I want to thank you for the work you have done and would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends in similar situations, nor any potential clients you are courting."

C. Ney, CEO
"I have enjoyed working with Linda and her team. They are very focused, understand the joint goal and deliver results."

A. Hook, HR and Career Coach
"I have worked WITH Linda and FOR Linda and can truly attest to her skills as a leader and visionary. In a matter of months she is able to take a concept and turn it into a business success. Her innate intuition is her balance mechanism but what makes her a respected leader is her commitment to teaching others from her experiences and watching them thrive. I could never have imagined the possibilities for my career or the organization without having first studied Linda's approach."

J. Folkens, Product Marketing Engineer
"Linda Ginac is a very professional individual that is well-suited to provide career counseling as she has a proven track record in business, motivates her team to succeed, and focuses on client satisfaction."

M. Hampton
"Linda has helped me completely transition from one career to the next and then helped me again to gain the confidence to start my own business. She is now my mentor, my sounding board, my thought-provoker, and business strategist as my business flourishes. Her ability to put things into perspective allowed me to strive to reach my full potential. Her assistance is one of the most valuable things that I have encountered in my career. Linda is not only a visionary for herself, but for those around her and she has the unique ability to help anyone find the path for which they are meant. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a career change, a career advancement, or a guiding light when no path seems to be apparent."

J. Barlow, LPC
"Linda is an expert in the career management industry. Her insight into how to affect change in the lives of people is what makes The Ginac Group effective.” 

S. Kukowski, PCM
"I had the distinct opportunity to work with Linda and her company in 3 different venues: as a coaching client, as student of the Professional in Career Management (PCM) training course, and as a Career Manager/Employee. In each situation, Linda provided me great insight and coaching to help me be successful in my career. Through the coaching program, Linda and her team helped me realize that I am naturally and ideally suited to be a Career Coach. She provided me with the guidance to move forward to reach my dream career. She also helped guide me through the anxiety associated with moving into a new career by keeping me on target and helping me to focus on the future and to put aside the past. During the NSCM PCM training, my instructor, Adriana, provided an outstanding program of useful information and out-of-the-box thinking to help me be successful in my current career. When I was an employee of the Ginac Group, Linda was an outstanding guide and mentor, helping me to fine tune my trade. I highly recommend Linda and her entire organization to anyone that needs assistance with career coaching and / or coaching training."

S. List, CEO and Public Speaker
"Working with The Ginac Group (TGG) opened my eyes to how limited my job search process had been. While I've been very effective in the past, I've been effective at hunting for a job, not at finding the right job and the right environment for me. TGG help has been invaluable to me. Your organization helped me to sharpen the skills I had, and to learn new skills. Your counselors helped me to view things in a new way. Ironically, with your help my job search was just kicking into high gear when my life and career took a left turn. And I must say that without your counsel and encouragement, I would probably not have taken this opportunity. Finding the courage and commitment to follow my dreams is a direct result of working with you firm. Your dedication to ensuring that I find the best opportunity for me - one that would leverage my skills and passion and would make me happy - helped me to find my path. You staff smart people who are skilled. Everyone at your firm is clearly dedicated to the success and happiness of your clients. Thank you for helping me to follow my bliss."

K. Nichols, Marketing Director
"My career coach was consistently positive and supportive individual, which makes her ideal as a career coach. While working with her I was impressed by her level of engagement in my goals and by her willingness to increase her knowledge in new areas in order to provide more focused, expert guidance. Perhaps most importantly, she was very flexible, molding her approach to my timing and needs rather than insisting upon a single, rigid plan; in this flexibility she demonstrated considerable experience and expertise, as well as a genuine interest in serving her clients. Overall she was a gem to work with and I would be very happy to do so again!”

C. Maclin, Senior Project Manager
"Adriana is a phenomenal career coach of the highest regard. Her greatest attributes are her abilities to listen to what her clients are saying, process the information, and deliver a high-quality product that clearly articulates the thoughts, skills, and ideas of the individual. In my case, this was a resume'. I am unequivocally satisfied with the services provided by Adriana and the financial investment has produced very tangible returns.”

S. Steves, Senior Project Manager
"The Ginac Group’s depth of experience, creative approach, and diligence have been invaluable in helping me revise my career approach. I enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone re-evaluating their career, or anyone who's stalled out in their job-search.” 

J. Fisher, President, and Executive Director
"A potential employer referred me to the Ginac Group when I told him I was considering a career coach. As someone who has not been in the job market for over 2 decades, I have found their help to be invaluable. They brought my career search into the 21st century and offered services that will be helpful to me in finding the right position for my future. My Coach paid attention to me as a person and works diligently to not only point me in the right direction, but to encourage me to develop the techniques and skills needed to impress a prospective employer. I highly recommend The Ginac Group if you need help in your current career, are changing careers, or need any other career counseling service."

T. Reed, Medical Healthcare Professional
"I came to the Ginac Group looking for career direction and was fortunate enough to work with Wendy. She really took the time to get to know me, and, through various assessments, helped me to see my potential. Wendy has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which she very generously shares. I am now looking forward to a new, rewarding career. Working with Wendy has been a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend her.” 

N. Jairam, Business Development Planning Manager
"I hired the Ginac Group to help me make a transition. My coach was an excellent career consultant who uses her knowledge and network to help you achieve your career goals. She is results-oriented and methodical in her approach with clients. She also has the knack of gathering the right tools that you need to manage your career successfully."

E. Stinson, PMP
"I've the Ginac Group over the past couple of years and they have helped me tremendously in positioning myself for the career goals that I'm pursuing. Wendy has always been supportive and creative when listening to my goals and my ideas of how to achieve them. She has always utilized her expertise to help me focus on the key items that can get me where I want to go. I highly recommend the Ginac Group for everything from assistance with resume creation to preparing for an executive role."

L. Diaz, IT Infrastructure
"The Ginac Group helped me in ways I did not expect, including restoring my hope. My coach helped me after many years in academic science wanting to branch into private industrial science, not an easy task in good economic times. My coach provided me with the skills and practice to confidently go on interviews and write resumes and cover letters aimed at the corporate world, which I was unaccustomed. Her advice directed me to introductions that got my foot in the door. Then through her guidance I was able to let my skills and work ethic shine. Now I have a lucrative contract with a biotech company that does work for which my training uniquely qualifies me."

D. DeHaven, Deputy Director
"My coach is a dedicated professional that shares a wealth of knowledge and expertise with her clients. I had the opportunity to work with her for several months and was continually impressed by her strategic insight and awareness of the job market and job search strategies. I appreciated the time she took to get to know me, my competencies, and my long-term goals. Wendy provided me with excellent advice, information and the motivation I needed at the time. I recommend The Ginac Group for anyone looking to further their professional development or change careers."

C. Bartlett, PMP and Marketing
"The Ginac Group worked with me to help round out my professional profile and has assisted me in better understanding how my personal and professional backgrounds can benefit various organizations. She has provided creative input that has allowed me to realize skills I was not paying much attention to, and helped me build a new level of confidence to better approach professional situations and interviews. She has been readily accessible to me for coaching sessions and advice, and I'll absolutely continue to utilize her coaching services regularly."

S. Laurent, CPA and Accountant
"I feel so fortunate to have the benefit of the Ginac Group’s knowledge and expertise. Working with my coach has provided guidance and structure to the challenging process of managing my career. The practice interviews have been invaluable and the resume she wrote is so much better than anything I could have written. I highly recommend Wendy. It has been such a pleasure to work with her."

E. Reddehase, Technology Account Manager
"If you are considering a career change or need help transitioning into your next role, go to the Ginac Group. My coach understands that transition is not easy and she brings energy and helpful advice that allows you to feel very comfortable during this process. Her value in guiding you to the right career path and her vast network is immeasurable, She has earned my utmost respect and I would recommend her to anyone who is considering making a career change."

C. Potter, Senior Designer
"Working with my Professional Career Architect at The Ginac Group was definitely an eye-opener for me. From day one, he uncovered what it was that made me "tick" and lead me toward a path to find the industry I would love to work in. He provided an accurate personality assessment that show where my strong suits and weaknesses are. The Ginac Group had a very good coach in Scott. He provided unconventional answers to my questions and provided very good advice when it came to following up with companies whom I emailed my resume to."


Christine C., Regional Account Mgr, Pharmaceutical Industry
“I was very fortunate to work with a Ginac Group career coach. My Coach was exactly what I needed to get my career transition on track. She was passionate and enthusiastic about me and my goals every time we met. She did a great job at keeping me focused and true to myself. I would recommend Monica and the Ginac Group to everybody looking for a job change or a new career transition. Believe me, you can't do it alone and The Ginac Group was worth every dime!"  


Wayne S., VP, Client Services
“I truly enjoyed working with The Ginac Group.  They sincerely care about their client’s success and happiness. My Coach listens attentively to understand my challenges and motivations, helps me identify opportunities for growth and employs a well-defined career planning process to help me develop a realistic plan to achieve goals and aspirations. She's a sincere, very bright intelligent person that clearly gets satisfaction out of helping others improve their lives, not just their career.” 


Jill S., Freelance Producer
I came to The Ginac Group after 20 years in the entertainment industry. It was time to change directions but I had no idea where to start. My Coach's expertise helped me define a direction by clearly identifying my skills, accomplishments and personal strengths to create a strategy for future career success. And as icing on the cake, she is extremely creative and insightful. I thought my unique background would be a challenge, but she proved otherwise. I cannot recommend her enough - she has helped me get focused and motivated, and most importantly...she's a lot of fun!” 


Nancy M., Project & Change Management Consultant
“My Coach at The Ginac Group is a great listener and excels at helping to define your needs, wants, and goals for your career. She is articulate and expressive as she collaborates on describing skills and accomplishments on a resume or cover letter, and helps to clarify your experience to best showcase your talents. I have enjoyed working with her as a career coach, and would recommend her services to anyone.” 


Andy L., Director, Client Solutions
"I strongly recommend Grace if you are looking to take a professional approach to managing your career and to attain top tier results. I met her through Linda Ginac, CEO of her firm, when I determined to improve my own career positioning and I engaged her to support my goals.  She was impressive in thinking outside the box. That's a trite expression but she puts it into practice. What I liked was her ability to take proven delivery methodology and - using its value as a guide - uniquely apply and adapt to my unique needs and position in my individualized career lifecycle." 


Professional Development


A. Farrell, Chief Technology Officer 
The first word that comes to mind when I think of The Ginac Group is wow! If you ever get the chance to work with The Ginac Group, seize it. You will quickly discover that they staff the smartest, most insightful, and sincerest people you've ever met. They will listen intently, provide critical feedback and advice, and leave you feeling better prepared to clear any obstacle in your path. They will inspire you to conquer your most challenging goals. The Ginac Group has a long track record of helping others achieve their greatest potential. I count myself as one of the fortunate ones.

K. Keough, Director of User Experience 
"The Ginac Group (TGG) has three extraordinary qualities that make them an excellent and unique resource for mentoring and coaching. First, they give employees the chance to take risks, to shine, and to experience great career growth. Second, they help you grow through extremely candid feedback. You never have to second-guess what the coaches are thinking, seek out commendation, or wonder if they think you could have done a better job. I so much valued their integrity and honesty and it helped me become a better manager, employee, and person. Third, they have a strong orientation toward performance. They help you define measurable career objectives, short- and long-term, achievable and ambitious goals against which you are evaluated. Performance becomes objective and set by your own standards, rather than being subjective and political. In this way, TGG gives you the keys to setting your own standards for performance and then determining for yourself whether or not you are measuring up." 

L. Pausic, CEO and Founder
"Prior to becoming a client of the Ginac Group (TGG), I was actively looking for a personal coach and mentor for over a year. When I came into contact with TGG and learned about their services I was blown away. TGG understands what it takes to build leaders and understands what it takes to be successful. Through the TGG personal coaching program, they helped me to identify my strengths and understand how to truly utilize them. They have also given me the tools I need to improve on my weaknesses and overcome many self-imposed barriers. I have started my own company and the results are amazing."

M. Poore, Financial Advisor
"After working with you on my career strategy, I distributed five resumes, landed three interviews and received two job offers. At my level (Vice President), the results were beyond what I could have hoped for. I look forward to collaborating with you on future strategies. Thanks so much. My average new account size has increased about 10 times since working with The Ginac Group. The average account size of my prospect pool has increased dramatically, too. Working with Linda has really helped me to improve my focus on what is important. I consider TGG an important and ongoing part of my team. I owe a lot of my success to my work with them!"

S. Aslan, Senior Executive Loan Officer
"In pursuing my management career, I encountered a creative and professional stumbling block in Oct of 2001. My past training and experience in sales had reached it's limit of effectiveness and I needed new and fresher methods for presenting and communicating my sales strategies, ideas and visions to corporate. I began working with The Ginac Group (TGG) in November of 2001 and this experience has been very helpful for my career and personally enlightening. We started with the basics of self-discovery using personality assessments so that I could gain clarity about my strengths and limitations. They developed a custom executive communication program and workplace role playing scenarios to give me skills and finesse that I needed to be successful. The best part of the program is that I got to test these new skills in various scenarios prior to integrating them into the work environment. The training that I am receiving is great! I feel more confident now in my professional presentations and have a stronger focus on my career choices and career path. I would highly recommend this training to anyone seeking to improve their chance of being a top female executive in a competitive world."

C. Shaffer, Mortgage Loan Officer
"Linda combines career development and personal marketing to help people achieve their professional and personal goals. I've learned so much about building business, leveraging my network, and finding time for me."


Career Pathing


J. Crawley, Vice President of Marketing
"Your career planning services enabled me to become the VP of Marketing for one of the most respected consumer brands in America. The personal marketing campaign that you created for me was exactly what I needed to sell my unique skill set to important hiring executives. My new resume opened doors that were closed to me before."

T. Brindley, Director of Program Management
"I am competitive, love to lead, love to win and work hard to get results. My problem was that I didn't know how to use these skills to my advantage. The Ginac Group helped me look in the mirror, understand the interworkings of my corporate environment and put an action plan in place that is helping me get to the next level."

T. LeBlanc, Director of Product Marketing
"The Ginac Group taught me to view my career like a business road map; I have to know where I want to go then plan each step to get there. They emphasized to me in understandable terms the effect each decision and career move has on the next and how to navigate the waters. With their assistance, I now have a plan that I'm executing on every day and my career goals are clear and attainable."

E. Espinoza, Manager of Business Development
"Prior to working with The Ginac Group (TGG), I would approach a project with tunnel vision, and many times didn't take into consideration overall implications of decisions that were made. Now following TGG's methodology, I step back from a project prior to jumping in and understand how strategic decisions may affect the tactical execution of the project. I now feel I can complete projects more efficiently, speeding up our time to market, and delivering the project with less corporate risk."


Career Tools


L. Ellis PhD., Archeologist
"Thanks so much for all your help. The resume and cover letter look great. I've been busy sending out applications this week, but wanted to let you know that I actually heard something on two positions I applied for last month. One company sent me an additional questionnaire to fill out and I was able to graft some of the key phrases in my new resume. Also, I had an interview yesterday and it was so much easier to answer questions and organize my thoughts because of our conversations. As much as than anything, just talking with you really helped. After being out of work for so long, it really helped restore confidence in my abilities. And, I guess it's one of those "can't see the forest for the trees" scenarios. It took an outside eye to help me zero in on my core skills and organize them in my own mind, not to mention finding a more effective way of presenting them on paper. Even if I end up getting a job from my old resume, the time I spent talking with you and the new resume you drafted is proving to be an invaluable tool with regard to interviews.Believe me, I view it as money well spent! I've been telling everyone else I know who's out of work just how beneficial your services have been."

D. Bryant, Sales
"I want to say thank you for all your help. Through your interview training and personal marketing assistance, I was able to land a job in a very competitive market. Actually, I was offered three jobs. The one I chose pays well and has a great deal of potential. TGG's services were top notch and of great value to me in my job search."

S. Gueldner, Program Coordinator
"Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with my resume and cover letter. Last week I restarted my job search, I responded to 12 ads, and have had five calls for interviews this week. And considering the market we are in, I am VERY excited about that."

A. Bourque, Project Manager
"Before working with The Ginac Group, I sent my resume to at least 100 different companies and attended at least 3 networking events each week with no luck at all. After using your resume writing service, I witnessed a huge improvement in my career history. The document you prepared was articulate and demonstrated my achievements rather than a bunch of tasks. Within 10 days of receiving my new resume, I had three interviews at companies that I really wanted to work for but couldn't get in the door. I accepted a position, and am thrilled to be re-employed. Thanks a lot. Your service was worth every penny."


Organizational Development


Melinda Metteauer, Vice President at Maximus Health Management Services
"Maximus contracted with The Ginac Group (TTG) to develop and facilitate a workshop on managing change and building career resilience for key management staff in our Texas Health Services Projects. Our organization is experiencing a time of significant change, and we wanted to provide our managers with a workshop session that would help boost morale and also offer valuable information to assist them in their current and future roles. TTG spent the time to really listen to and understand our current situation and needs, and designed and delivered a workshop that struck the right balance of education and fun. Through the workshop, our managers gained a greater understanding of their own and other's working styles, the strengths and value they and other bring to our organization, and strategies to help them lead even more effectively. I was very pleased with the outcomes and staff response to the training. I would highly rAecommend TTG as organizational consultants and trainers, and would definitely work with them again should the opportunity present itself."

Don Steele, Chief Executive Officer 
"The Ginac Group is a catalyst for change and provides business acumen that typically takes decades to evolve. Their contributions are always insightful and objective, and their counselors have astute ability to see beyond the obvious. I am certain they will serve their clients well in blazing new trails of personal and professional growth."

Randy Watson, Executive Vice President of Sales 
"If you had to have one word to describe what The Ginac Group brings to every engagement it's ....ENERGY! I've worked with The Ginac Group in numerous situations and have always found them to bring a spark of energy to every endeavor. Whether it's a different perspective on how to look at a problem, a unique analysis on how to solve it, or just a determined approach toward getting it done, they always helped my company advance."