The Ginac Group, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Linda Ginac. The company started as a part-time lifestyle business and has grown into a full-time operation with seven employees. 

Within the first two years of operation, Linda invented the Career Development Model, a five-phased approach to career change that blends therapy, coaching and career results. The Model was developed to help clients understand the change transition process and to overcome the stigma that career coaches are simply assessment specialists. The Career Development Model has been used with thousands of clients with a 97% success rate.

As the client base continued to grow steadily, Linda identified a need to hire people with the right skill set, but had a difficult time doing so. Linda realized that she couldn't take the company to the next level unless she hired specialized talent that blended psychology, counseling and business. This problem inspired Linda to evolve the Model into a formal training program to certify career coaches on the Ginac Group way. She created a comprehensive curriculum including a 600+-page student guide and facilitator manual, marketing collateral and an informative website. In 2008, she spun off a new company called, TalentGuard, to provide strategic talent and career management solutions on a broader scale. This enabled The Ginac Group to focus on what it does best -- deliver high quality services.

Today it is a leading provider of career development and outplacement services. The Ginac Group serves individuals, including chief executive officers and other professionals in corporations and government agencies, as well as Fortune 2000 and start-up businesses. The Ginac Group focuses on delivering objective and actionable advice to enable clients to make more informed career and work-life decisions. The business consists of career exploration and transition services, change management, career counseling, professional development coaching, assessment, job search strategy, personal branding, networking, interview training, management team alignment and senior-level outplacement. In addition, universities and organizations hire us to implement career service centers.

We firmly believe that individuals have within themselves the ability, passion and determination to create their own career opportunities and to achieve greatness in a manner meaningful to them. Visit with us to learn more about how you can make a positive change.

As a world class organization, we will continue to deliver career development and training solutions to each client's needs. We listen first, and then serve by utilizing a certified team of experienced talent. We are sought out by professionals and institutions because of our reputation for excellence, top talent, and success stories. People and organizations partner with us in business rather than engage us for services.